Me & Robin Hood

ME & ROBIN HOOD is clever and thoughtful and angry. It is driven by a real anger at the growing inequality we allow to disfigure our society. It’s about home and friendship and memory and what artistic work is worth, and at its heart is a very real question about what it is to be a radical in the 21st century.

Shôn Dale-Jones becomes the radical figure that the modern age lacks in this thought-provoking performance… Weaving a cunning web of his own playful and, at times, emotionally raw stories with the well-known tale of Robin Hood, Dale-Jones proves to be a gifted storyteller with a palpably important story… it is engaging and thoughtful as it gnaws away at inequality of opportunities and the widening gap between rich and poor, and asks whether art really can change the world.”

An inventive piece of storytelling magic – a charming comic drama with a heart of steel

ME & ROBIN HOOD, BBC Radio 4 Pick of the Week

One hour: one man, no set, no lights, no music, no props. And yet, he manages to captivate the audience from start to finish…With so little needed to say so much, there is no doubt that Shôn Dale-Jones is one of the best living storytellers in the world today.

Looping back and forth through multiple threads, Dale-Jones is such a gifted storyteller and his tale so skilfully crafted that not a moment of this 70-minute monologue sags or drags…. On an empty stage, Dale-Jones pushes at the boundaries; playful, challenging and seething with ideas.

British Theatre Review on ME & ROBIN HOOD