Stories from an Invisible Town

Stories From An Invisible Town 

A warm-hearted collection of stories full of wonder and curiosity – funny, poignant, real and magical tales about people living, loving and doing their best to make the most of life.  A fond tribute to childhood, full of gratitude and warmth, Stories From An Invisible Town introduces audiences to a half-real half-remembered half-imagined world set in the made up town of Llangefni on the fantastic Isle of Anglesey. This magical web of endless stories celebrates the simple things that make up a real life; moving from the epic to the banal, touching everything else between.

The stories shift from the time the town decided to dig a big hole as a way of surviving long-term unemployment and in the hope they might find something that could save them from misery, to the comic tale of a pony being sold as a horse, to the extraordinary incident that occurred when Derwyn stole his sister’s bath and her teenage rage exploded. The stories move seamlessly through the town, along the river, into the woods, out of the shops and up to the clock tower picking up one character after another along the way. Audiences are introduced to an extraordinary web of stories that paint a picture of a fabulous town that they never want to leave. The whole of life lives here. Real, imagined, beautiful, brutal, full of kindness and cruelty, fun and games and always a big surprise. The stories are told in episodes of varying length and include music, poetry, song and pure simple storytelling.