The Ladder

When theatre-maker Shôn Dale-Jones becomes too pessimistic to write a new show, he approaches his long-time collaborator, the Welsh emerging artist, Hugh Hughes, to step in. Determined to restore Shôn’s faith in humanity, Hugh creates THE LADDER. Using the story of his father’s life and death, Hugh Hughes challenges us to wake up to the pitfalls that surround our everyday lives. 

THE LADDER is a wake-up call to the sleepwalkers heading off the edge of the cliff. 

Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s call to arms – to stop our march towards extinction – THE LADDER observes how easily our lives can take us knowingly to an avoidable end. 

The show exposes us to some of the decisions we make in our lives – decisions we make, knowing full well, that we’re making the wrong choice.